Anonymous sent: would you make mcr pixels?

yes absolutely!! i actually have a set i was almost finished with before my old laptop broke, so i just have to finish that up and then i’ll post it! (sorry if this is an old message, i apparently didn’t get notifications for asks for a while or something??)

pierce the veil, bioshock & fraction!hawkeye are definitely on the list of ones i wanna do in the near future too :)

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when I am sad, I am sad - but when I’m happy, oh god I am happy
               (and there’s just no place in-between for us to meet)

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hey so i wanna get back into doing pixel people when I finally get a computer again, so does anyone have any requests or suggestions?? I was thinking maybe pierce the veil if I keep doing band ones (I’ve got an mcr set almost finished and will prob do gway in his hesitant alien outfit too), and maybe some comic stuff?? (wicdiv, young scavengers & fraction hawkeye are my faves rn!!) so yeah if you have any others that you think might be fun, reply to this or message me I guess?

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oh yeah I’m still alive btw, I’ve just been stuck on a kindle since my computer is out of commission and kindle tumblr crashes like constantly for me?? but yh hi guys o:

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lay in the grass under the stars with me. hold my hand. dont be sad, this form is temporary. we just are clusters of stardust colliding.  hold my hand. you glow brighter than the sky

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pros of werewolf boyfriend:

  • happy with any present as long as its chewable
  • very very excited to see you after any period of time apart
  • will lie in your bed and keep you warm whenever you take a nap
  • growls at jerks, may eat them

cons of werewolf boyfriend:

  • absolutely nothing
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inspired by this

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S&M Cover
William Beckett (13,305)
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Fall Out Boy t-minus rock part 4

The band’s manager, Bob McLynn, gets yelled at by Pete’s dad for eating too much cereal and recreates his scene in the Dance, Dance video. Patrick and Pete talk about the time Pete tried to strangle Patrick at a gas station and how Patrick tried to jump kick Pete in the chest at Taco Cabana. Patrick: “Taco Cabana was bad luck for a while.”

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