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“just go talk to him.” musichetta laughs from where she’s sitting on the counter by the register. “i’m sure he won’t bite.” she goes maybe half a second before the corners of her lips twitch up into a smirk. “or maybe he will, but i know you wouldn’t be too terribly opposed.”

it’s been a slow day, so musichetta’s taken to teasing her boyfriend about one of their regular customers. to be fair, bossuet does have a habit of rushing over to the register every time he sees him come in, or deliberately giving him the biggest cookie or brownie they have on the shelf if he orders one.

normally this would be an uncomfortable situation, but chetta, with all the genuine good-natured honesty that made him fall in love with her, has made it very clear that they’re both on the same page with this one.

which is why she’s been pushing bossuet to go and talk to the quiet boy sitting in the corner, who always comes to the counter to order with a smile on his face.

“i don’t know, chetta, he looks like he’s doing homework. i wouldn’t want to bother him.”

musichetta rolls her eyes and tosses a balled-up napkin at him. “you’ve been saying that for three days now. besides, you’ve gotta settle our bet.”

“do you really-“

“i think he’d be cool with it!” she waves her hands excitedly. “trust me, the quiet ones usually surprise you.”

bossuet goes slightly pink at this, but even with his head ducked, she can still see the way he’s smiling.

“fine, if you won’t, i will.”

“wait-” bossuet hisses, but she’s already heading over.

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